Ongoing Projects

The following list provides a few examples of ongoing work supported by Shakti in the area of energy and climate action.

S.No Sector Project Description
1. Power- Renewable Energy
  • Integrating Renewable Energy Modelling with Power Sector Planning
  • India’s Renewable Electricity Roadmap Initiative – Developing A Costs and Benefits Sharing Framework
  • Assessment of Cost and Benefits of Other Energy Resources Vis-A-Vis Renewables
  • Implementation Roadmap for Renewable Energy Backed Electric Public Transport Systems for Bangalore And Kolkata
2. Power – Energy Access
  • Action Plan for Off-Grid Distributed Renewable Energy Based Rural Electrification for Uttar Pradesh
  • Informing the National Off-Grid Policy and Integrating Mini-Grid Solutions with the Utility Grid
  • Renewable Energy-Based Mini Grid Regulations for Odisha
  • Pilots for Establishing the Technical and Commercial Feasibility of Grid-Interconnectivity and Developing Grid-Interactivity Specifications for Renewable Energy Based Mini-Grid Projects
  • Policy Design and Implementation Assistance for India’s Solar Pumps Programme at the National and State Level Using a Survey and Impact Assessment Based Approach
3. Power- Electric Utilities
  • Effective Regulatory Decision Making in the Electricity Sector
  • Innovative Mechanisms for Electricity Subsidy Delivery to the Agriculture Sector
  • A Guide for the Impact Evaluation for End-Use Efficiency Programs
  • Information Dissemination on Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management Activities
  • Cost Reflective and Simple Electricity Tariff Frameworks
4. Energy Efficiency – Buildings and Appliances
  • Practical Guide Book for Implementing Smart and Green Energy Projects in Existing High Rise Residential Apartments
  • A Coalition for Civil Society Organizations for Action of Energy Efficient Smart Sustainable Space Cooling
  • Energy Efficiency Potential of Internet of Things (IoT) In India.
  • Rapid Assessment for District Energy Systems (DES) In Indian Cities
  • Recommendations for Notifying Commercial Buildings as Designated Consumers
  • Effective Communication Materials and Roll Out Strategies on The Standards and Labelling Programme For Appliance Retailers
  • Integrating Buildings Energy Efficiency into Architecture and Engineering Academic Curricula
  • Energy Efficiency in The Building Sector in India
  • Clean Energy Initiatives for Select Railway Stations in India
  • Low Energy Cooling Products, Technical Potential and Market Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Characterization for The Residential Buildings
  • Impact of ECBC On Building Energy Consumption at The City Level – A Case Study on Ahmedabad
5. Energy Efficiency – Industry
  • Facilitating Energy Efficiency in The Indian Railways
  • Energy Profiles Of 10 Energy Intensive MSME Clusters Across India
  • Short Term Energy Management Course Curricula for Shop Floor Technicians
  • Policy Roadmap to Advance Energy Efficiency in Micro, Small, And Medium Enterprises
  • Policy Dialogue for An Energy Efficient India – 2030
  • Energy Efficiency Initiatives Through Supply-Chain for MSMEs.
  • Web Tool for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Measures for MSMEs
  • Estimation of Baseline Energy Consumption in Four Industrial Sectors Towards Strengthening the PAT Scheme
  • Energy Efficiency Insurance Product
  • Development of Framework to Promote Alternate Fuel Utilization in India
  • Driving Energy Efficiency Transformation in India
6. Transport
  • Bus Karo: A Forum for Public Transport Policy Advocacy and Knowledge Sharing
  • Financial and Regulatory Roadmap for Improvement of Bus Based Public Transport Systems
  • Roadmap for Bus and Fleet Infrastructure Development by State Transport Undertakings
  • Capacity Building of State Transport Undertakings on Electric Buses
  • Municipal Finance Reforms to Catalyze Investments for Sustainable Urban Transport
  • Sustainable Urban Transport Initiatives Through Sustainable Urban Mobility Network
  • Technical Assistance Towards Sustainable Urban Transport and Built Environment in Smart Cities
  • Implementation Support for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) In Indian Cities
  • Green Vehicle Rating Program For 2-Wheelers And 3-Wheelers
  • Standards and Labelling Program for Vehicular Tyres In Passenger Car
  • Strategies to Increase Share of Indian Railways in National Freight Movement
7. Climate Policy
  • Assess the Human Health and Agricultural Co-Benefits of a Low-Carbon Development Pathway for India
  • The GHG Platform India
  • The India GHG Programme
  • Facilitating Compliance with Bihar State Pollution Control Board’s (BSPCB) Cleaner Brick Production Directive for The Patna Region
  • Implementation of The New Thermal Power Plant Emission Standards
  • Development of Standards for Natural Refrigerants in India
  • Interpreting the Transparency Framework Under the Paris Agreement and Its Implications for India
8. Clean Energy Finance
  • Enhancing Access to Finance for Clean Energy Access
  • Institutionalization of Training in Financial Institutions Through Training of Trainers (Tot) For Renewable Energy Financing in Rural Areas
  • The India Innovation Lab for Green Finance
  • Capacity Building for Accessing Finance for State Mitigation Actions
  • ESCO Business Model to Promote Energy Efficiency

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