Clean Energy Finance

Clean energy finance emerged as cornerstone of the Paris Agreement with efforts to tackle climate change being stepped up to ambitious levels. India’s domestic and global climate commitments necessitate a significant infusion of capital. It is estimated that around USD 2.5 trillion will be required during 2016-2030 to achieve the goals set under the Nationally Determined Contributions as well as an additional USD 8.9 trillion for the Sustainable Development Goals. Critical and long-term investments are required to upgrade existing energy systems, retrofit existing carbon intensive infrastructure and develop new low-carbon infrastructure. The scale of investment will require the infusion of significant finance at more attractive terms.

Although investment in clean energy is growing in India, the scale of investment does not yet match the capital infusion needed to achieve India’s clean targets. Public funding alone is insufficient and private investment has so far been limited. While strong and effectively implemented policies can grow clean energy in India, financing solutions are critical to making these policies work. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti) works to enhance the investment required for meeting India’s clean energy targets as well as to find solutions for catalyzing clean investment instruments.

Policy and Regulation


Policy is a key determining factor in promoting the continued growth in clean energy. The recent policy push for renewables in India…
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Institutions and Businesses


Continued progress toward a clean energy future will require unprecedented amounts of accessible and fully-scaled capital channeled…
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Instruments and Markets


India’s growing clean energy market requires specialized low-cost and long-term fund raising instruments for clean energy projects…
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Public Finance For Climate Action

Sector: Clean Energy Finance Undertaken By : Institute of Financial Management and Research Year: 2017

Governments at the sub-national level in India have developed and implemented instruments and policy measures to finance their climate actions. Shakti has enabled research activities that are designed to assess and improve the performance of these measures.

Energy Efficiency Through ESCOs

Sector: Clean Energy Finance Undertaken By : Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy Year: 2017

The growing energy deficit coupled with fluctuating global energy prices has led to greater focus on energy efficiency. One of the most important ways to realize energy efficiency potential in industries is through Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) who implement energy efficiency projects though Energy Savings Performance Contracting. ESCO-based...Read more

Improving Finance for Clean Energy Access in India

Sector: Clean Energy Finance Undertaken By : Intellecap Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. Year: 2017

Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) enterprises have immense potential to meet India's energy needs, particularly in rural areas. Shakti facilitated the development of a multi-approach programme to enhance access to finance for DRE enterprises by : providing technical assistance services to DRE enterprises and financial institutions, designing...Read more

The India Innovation Lab for Green Finance

Sector: Clean Energy Finance Undertaken By : Climate Policy Initiative Year: 2016

The India Innovation Lab for Green Finance brings together experts from government, financial institutions, renewable energy, and infrastructure development to identify, develop, and accelerate innovative investment vehicles for green growth in India. More details on the website:...Read more

Financing Sustainable Urban Transport through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Sector: Clean Energy Finance Undertaken By : Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited Year: 2016

The Smart Cities Mission will require significant amounts of capital to meet the rapidly growing requirements of cites. One way for cities to generate additional funds is Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). The Smart Cities Mission has placed significant emphasis on the PPP model encouraging the private sector to mobilize capital, technology and...Read more

Showing 1 to 5 of 6 entries