Although the freight fleet accounts for only five percent of the total vehicles in India, it contributes disproportionately to fuel use (around 55%) and emissions (around 60%) in the road transport sector. Shakti works towards enhancing the efficiency of freight movement in ways that significantly reduce its climate and energy impacts.

Regional Freight

The rail sector contributes significantly to the total freight movement across the country. But in the last few decades, there has been a steady shift from rail based to road based transport. This shift is certainly energy and emission intensive. Given this, Shakti is supporting the development of strategies that can help retain and enhance freight movement through railways…
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Urban Freight

Freight vehicles contribute a large share of the total carbon dioxide and particulate matter (PM) emissions in cities. Improved planning and operational strategies for intra-city freight movement can reduce additional vehicle-kilometers travelled and emissions. Shakti is supporting the development of planning strategies for Indian cities to manage their freight mobility…
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